New Year resolutions


New Year Resolutions

In Thunderball, James Bond says that he is an expert at giving up smoking because he has done it so often.

It’s a joke that has always tickled me because it is so very true.

The same applies to New Year resolutions. How many times do we set resolutions that are the carbon copy of the ones we set last year? And the year before that?

Most of us could save a lot of time by simply copy and pasting last year’s resolutions. That is, if we can find them. For some reason we have hidden them more securely than the US Government hiding the Ark of the Covenant.

2014 was a pretty challenging year for the Once household. We started with floods and power cuts. That gave us a water damaged wall, which in turn lead to a 9 month tussle with the Great British builder. We spent more than three quarters of the year with the house in disarray, furniture pulled away from walls, one room unusable and stacks of books, CDs and DVDs on the floor. And the incredible noise from industrial dehumidifiers running through the night.

Work was a challenge as we started a new company. That meant everything from buying our own stationery to dealing with clients and accountants.

Add to that two poorly mothers/ grandmas who have both struggled with their health this year.

The Mem singing in some high profile concerts. When she wasn’t living 130 miles away looking after her Mum.

The Best Boy in the World changing schools from a comfy little prep school to boarding at the 400 year old Charterhouse. The household has fluctuated between three of us at home, two of us or just me.  We would be all together on Saturday, just the Mem and me on Sunday, then just me on the Monday when the Mem went to be Florence Nightingale for her Mum.

My writing has stumbled along. We published Global Domination for Beginners, but haven’t really had the time to market it. That’s got to be on the list for next year. There have been a handful of excellent reviews, but not enough people know about it. We would have done more marketing if life hadn’t been so hectic. That’s the best excuse I can come up with.

I launched this blog in August. That seems to be going well, with a high of 90 hits on the busiest day. Over the five months, I’ve had 1,907 views. I never thought that I’d turn into a blogger, but it’s a lot of fun. I have no idea if it is helping to sell books. It is helping me to meet new friends, which can’t be a bad thing.

I’ve nearly finished the next book. It’s a change of direction – a very serious book for a change and not a comedy. More news on that soon.

I’m nearly at the point of starting another writing project or two – probably a chess book and another comedy. I’ve got an idea for a science fiction, political, bonking book. That’s an unlikely mix, I know. A sort of “Yes, Yes, Yes, Minister” … with aliens. It will all make sense when you read it, promise.

To sum up the year? Hectic. Highs and lows. It would be easier to be discouraged by the things we didn’t manage to do, but we should also pat ourselves on the back for the things we did get done.

Resolutions for 2015? I can think of five:

  1. Carry on surviving and doing the good stuff.
  2. Publish four books.
  3. Do some of that marketing stuff that I’m not very good at.
  4. Lose weight and get fit.
  5. End 2015 with no unfinished resolutions to copy and paste into 2016…

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