The last little bit of free love


Just a quick update this morning. My elderly Mum has been taken to hospital, so I need to travel to the other side of the country to see her. It does take some of the shine off the book downloads. It is real life getting in the way of things that aren’t really all that important in the grand scheme of things.

The five day giveaway campaign is nearly at an end. The book is still free even though it is the sixth day. I am not quite sure when Amazon’s “day” begins. I think that it started around 8 am on Thursday in the UK, so the book should revert back to its normal price in about twenty minutes. Other parts of the world are still on the 12th of October, so they can carry on downloading it for free.

It has been fun watching different parts of the world wake up. It is a reminder that this is a global business and this great planet of ours is spinning through space with some of us in light and some of us in darkness.

These are the latest downloads numbers:

Thursday 8 October – 2,664

Friday 9 October – 663

Saturday 10 October – 212

Sunday 11 October – 137

Monday 12 October – 305

Tuesday 13 October (so far) – 5

That makes a grand total of 3,988 plus an unknown number of Kindle Unlimited downloads. The upwards bump on Monday was because two new websites ran the book for a day. I used ebookbooster to send my book details to 45 free book sites. Two apparently decided to run the book on Monday the 12th instead of Thursday the 8th like everyone else. So it seems fair to say that those two websites ( and Reading news) probably gave me a couple of hundred downloads. Thanks, guys!

These are the pages read in Kindle Unlimited:

Saturday 10 October – 10 pages read

Sunday 11 October – 424

Monday 12 October – 306

Tuesday 13 October – (so far) – 48

And I have had one new review on It’s a four star review:

Writing funny SF&F is hard, really hard. I love Terry Pratchett so I’ve tried a lot of funny/satirical fantasy and quite of lot of it is just awful. This author, fortunately, did a good job with the material. The approach is unexpected, the pacing is good, and the humor translates trans-Atlantically. This book is certainly better than Colour of Magic, so I have high hopes for future installments in the series!

I really like that. It’s an honest review and not a gushing fake. I will take an honest four star over a bought five star any day of the week. And it looks like someone who will want to read more. I really do need to crack on with that sequel.

That’s about all for today. I had hoped to write more, but the issues with my Mum are weighing heavily. More later.

Be safe, folks.


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