November update


Throw a stone into a pond and the ripples radiate outwards. Eventually the ripples stop and the water is smooth again.

And that is where I have go to with my five day book promotion. Nothing much has happened in the last couple of days. I think we can safely say that normality has returned.

To sum up – between 7 and 13th October, my book “Love Death and Tea” was free on Kindle. I paid for around $160 of marketing through book promotion websites. And here are the scores now that the dust has settled:

  • I gave away just short of 4,000 free downloads.
  • Around 3,800 pages were read on Kindle Unlimited. I won’t know until the 15th of this month how much money that has made.
  • I sold 16 actual paid books following the publicity for the free books.
  • There have been six new reviews on Goodreads and Amazon (discounting the duplicates).
  • Three people have emailed to say that they enjoyed Love, Death and Tea.
  • I now have 103 people on Good reads who have this book marked as “to read” and five who are apparently reading it at the moment.

Some random observations…

The extra income has not come anywhere close to paying back the $160 marketing. All, the same I am very happy with the results because it all helps to get my writing known.

I was surprised by the Kindle Unlimited page reads. Some people borrowed the book on Kindle Unlimited instead of downloading the book for free. This was good news for me because it means that I earn a little bit of income from each page reads. But it is not such a good deal for them, because they don’t get to keep the book.

I am selling mainly to three markets – the US, the UK and Germany. Germany was a welcome surprise. I didn’t know that there was a market for English books in Germany. Maybe there is something similar in other countries? Perhaps that is something to research.

Sales in the UK are disappointing and I am making very little impression on Canada and Australia. That could be related to the marketing sites that I used. They may build their list mostly from America. Again, I think I need to do some research on UK, Canadian and Australian book marketing sites.

All the feedback so far has been positive, with several readers saying they want to read more. That’s why I am scribbling away on the sequel, provisionally called “Love, Death and Wyrds”.

Was it worth doing? Absolutely! But the benefits soon tail away. I can see that this is something I am going to have to keep repeating. Write more books, have more giveaways, write more books. Building up a reputation one small step at a time.


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