Tennis and breasts


Now that is a strange thing. I have just watched the Great Britain team win the Davis Cup for the first time in a donkey’s age. In the midst of all the heroic sporting action, I found that I couldn’t take my eye off one spectator in particular. This one:


Not to mention this one:


And … ahem … these:


There is a bit of a pattern emerging. The David Cup was sponsored by Adecco. Who are Adecco? We’ll come to that in a minute.

Adecco paid these young ladies to dress up in a fetching costume of short red skirts and white t-shirts. I am guessing that red and white has a significance for Adecco because they are a Swiss company and the Swiss flag is red and white.

These young ladies are seated conveniently behind the players’ seats. While the tennis is being played, they sit demurely in their seat, surrounded by the players’ entourage of trainers, managers, physios, and so on.

When the tennis is paused their job is to stand up and smile. The television cameras are then focussing on the players in their seats, so the world is presented with the delightful picture of these young ladies.

Let’s not mince words here. This is all about breasts.

Bosoms. Knockers. Tits. Boobs. Rack.

Adecco is using its sponsorship of tennis matches to make me look at breasts. Breasts with the Adecco logo on them, but breasts all the same. These young ladies had one job and one job only – to put their breasts in my face.

And this has got me a little bit confused. Don’t get me wrong. I am a red blooded male and quite like looking at breasts.  But I am contractually obliged to the Mem to do so surreptitiously while she is ogling George Clooney.

And that got me wondering about where Adecco found their ladies. First of all, I couldn’t help noticing that they were all of a certain age and … how can I put this delicately? … of a similar bra size. I wouldn’t claim to be an expert but they all seemed to shop at the far right hand of the rail where the numbers start with C or D rather than the left hand As and Bs.

In other words, they were all relatively generously endowed in the bosom department whilst being slim of hip. Was this just pot luck, I wonder? What happened to the ladies with a different body size?

Were these regular Adecco employees or hired in especially for the tennis events? If they were full time employees, I wonder what they did for the rest of the year when they weren’t flaunting their assets on international television.


And if they were hired just for the occasion, what would the job advert look like? “Wanted: promo girl with nice smile, long hair and big tits. No previous experience necessary.”

Not to mention that they were all white, twenty something and female.

So what do Adecco do? It turns out that they are … excuse me while I look this up on the internet … “the world’s largest provider of HR solutions”.

Huh? What does that mean? What exactly is a provider of HR solutions? Excuse me (again) while I stick this babel fish in my ear …

Adecco is a recruitment company. A very big recruitment company. Their job is to help other companies to recruit new employees.

Employees that might include young white ladies with generous breasts who will look good in a t-shirt.


So what message exactly is Adecco trying to send with their sponsorship of tennis? As I see it, they have two potential markets – employers and potential employees.

They are trying to attract employers to use their services instead of rival recruitment firms. And here the subliminal message seems to be – “choose Adecco for your next recruitment drive and we will find you candidates with nice tits.”

And to people looking for a job, they are saying “come into a local branch of Adecco. We are good at finding jobs for people…

As long as your bra size is a 36 D.”

I’m sorry. I is confused. I thought we didn’t do this sort of thing any more?


2 thoughts on “Tennis and breasts

  1. If you think this kind of thing doesn’t happen all the time, every day, everywhere, I don’t think you and I are living on the same planet.

    It’s a game of Whack-a-Mole: when it gets blatant, get out the two-by-four again.

    It appeals to the subconscious, mostly male, of the people who buy products and services – and the heck with the rest of us.

    When called on it, they will moderate their outside – but rarely change the way they really feel. Maybe the next generation will be a bit better.

    Humans are just barely civilized under the best of conditions.

    Not a pessimist, but ‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.’

    PS Saw you on Goodreads. Hi.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! Sure it happens all the time and it shouldn’t. This one seemed so blatant and absurd that it stuck out like a sore thumb.

      Hopefully the fact that we are noticing it is at least a start. Hopefully.


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