Laughter in a crazy world


Life is much too short for bad wine, a house without love, a day without friends or a world without laughter.

I am Will Once and I play with words. I write books, I tell jokes, I spin stories. I don’t take life too seriously.

Breaking news: 

Love, Death and Wyrds is finally published! After a lot of personal angst (don’t ask) I’ve finally pressed the GO button. It’s out now on Amazon.


It’s your everyday story of love and courage at the end of the world. This time we hear from Libby, the witch – the wise, the cunning, the passionate.

13 thoughts on “Laughter in a crazy world

  1. Brian A.

    Engineer, 40+. My writing is mainly limited to technical reports and client proposals. Yahoo! chess games rating settled in at about 1600. Crush the Monday and Tuesday chessgames puzzles (well, 90% of the time). Usually get Wednesday and often the first move or two Thursdays. I’m guessing I’m at the right level for you. Would appreciate the opportunity to read and provide feedback on your chess book.


  2. Jennifer

    I’m in the middle of reading Love, Death, and Wyrds. I thought the first book (and Tea) was brilliant. Just one small suggestion. You can tell a man is trying to write the voice of a woman. I guess most women you’ve known don’t know what kryptonite is, but as an avid sci-fi fan; we exist. 🙂


    • Thanks for getting in touch. Glad you enjoyed Love, Death and Tea! On the question of kryptonite, I know some women who know about it, and some who don’t. With Libby being a witch, I thought it most likely that she would be in the “don’t know” category. The point I was trying to get across was that she and Vincent are obviously very much in love but they each have parts of their lives that they don’t share with each other. Without wanting to give a spoiler, that becomes really important for the plot in a little while …


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