A Midsummer Night’s Troll


The scene: an enchanted wood somewhere in the internet. A group of citizens and faerie folk listen as an angel sings a sweet song – Gabrielle Aplin’s cover version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Power of Love”.

(Warning – in the link, the text below the song contains some fruity language).


(Enter a troll, disguised as a young girl)

Troll: It saddens me that many people think this is an original song. NO. It’s a fubbling cover. Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Fare thee well. I’m off to listen to the original. Yes I only came this way just to say this.

Random citizen: This version is 100x better

Troll: By my firtle, no.

Second citizen: I love the original

Third citizen: This is wayyy better!!

Troll: Nah, flaggon off

The Duke’s son: Fair Troll, let people have their opinion jesus christ.  I like both this and the original equally

Troll: Their opinion is shticky shtup tho

Shopkeeper: For Frankie’s sake, let people like what version they want.  For Thine Information, this version is better. It’s sung the way its meant to be sung.

Troll: Excuse me, I’m sure the person who made the frolicking original song sang it the way it SHOULD BE SANG

Farmer: If you think its acceptable to say things like that about others opinions then obviously your not going to be listened to. And by the way your language isn’t very respectful to others. My personal opinion is that the original is the best but people take the song and put there own personal emotions in. I’m not trying to be rude but I don’t think that’s the way you should treat people.

Troll (laughing out loud):Ho, ho, ho, I’m not listening!

A learned person: You obviously don’t get it – every artist does covers. It is merely an acknowledgement by one artist to the original artist that the song is so good that others want to sing it too. You must hate live concerts when big name artists do covers during their sets. As for abusing others who don’t share your opinion; that speaks volumes about you and not the people you are attempting to belittle.

Troll: I’m allowed to have an opinion on that I think your opinion is sherbet though. That’s life.

Shopkeeper: No that’s called being a carbuncle. You look like a tool and you sound like a tool, why anyone would listen to your opinion is beyond me.

(Exit the troll unseen, smirking)

Washer-woman: People are going to have altering opinions to you, better get used to it. This version is 100% better.

Oberon, King of the Faeries: Sheesh. Usually I don’t really like covers but I absolutely love this. In my opinion it’s neither better or worse, it’s just different. Gabrielle’s voice is amazing, and she has not ruined this song, she has made an excellent cover and people should stop hating on her for it. Yes, we all know it’s not the original. But it’s not shtupp. It’s 100% NOT shtupp. It’s amazing.

Bottom:  Why does it matter so much you tradgic entoxicating adolesent waste of space? if people are happy leave them be rather than spreading your dumb feelings and negetivity on something people enjoy. What a dumb fugelhorn!

Lady Capulet: Before you accuse others of being a “dumb fugelhorn,” please take note of the proper spelling of certain words you used.


tradgic = tragic

entoxicating = intoxicating

adolesent = adolescent

negetivity = negativity

Have a nice day!

Lady Macbeth: Don’t be a snob. He’s making a point regardless of how he presents it.

Mercutio: don’t need no credit card to ride this train



In case you are wondering what is happening here, this is a real internet conversation which has been modified (names and swearing taken out) to protect the innocent and the not so innocent.


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