Please don’t buy my book



No, I mean it. Really I do. I don’t want you to buy “Global Domination for Beginners”.

At least, not until the 8th of June. You see, I am going to be giving the book away for free between Thursday 4 June and Monday 8 June.

All you need to do is to wander over to Amazon and point the mouse or swipe the finger, depending on how you and technology get on together.

The UK version is here.

And here’s the US version.

Folks elsewhere in the world can get it by going to their local Amazon website and searching for Global Domination for Beginners. If you can see the smiley face with the bowler hat, then you know you’ve arrived at the right place.

But not before Thursday, okay?

It’s your everyday story of taking over the world. Imagine a James Bond or Jason Bourne story with the bad guy as the hero.

Oh yes. We are talking about global domination from a hollowed-out volcano, and all for the love of his childhood sweetheart. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you will want to unleash your inner Blofeld complete with a monorail and a strangely handicapped but utterly lethal bodyguard.

It has been getting nothing but five star reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, but not enough of them. So it is time for me to give the wings and let the book fly. Go free into the world, my pretty! Go find your destiny!

So please please please don’t buy my book. Have it for free. Tell all your friends. Ask your friends to tell their friends. Tell your neighbours, your parents, your grandparents. Your co-workers, business contacts, facebook friends, the celebrities that you have been stalking.

Who knows, if we tell enough people we might even take over the world together? I’d like to be number one, because … well, you know, it’s my idea. But I have vacancies starting at number five and upwards. Get in quickly and you can bag one of the highly desirable low numbers.

You will love it. Guaranteed. If you don’t think it’s the funniest Global Domination book you have ever read, I will give you your money back.

If you would like to know more about my books, or apply for a vacancy at Leda Enterprises, Inc, you can sign up for my free newsletter:

But don’t just take my word for it. This is what those nice people at Amazon and Goodreads have been saying about it:

“Wow – this was a fun, fun read! I’m always delighted when I come across a book told from the point of view of the bad guy.

This book is very well developed and I had a hard time putting it down. The author draws you in and has you quickly rooting for the bad guy. Even the sidekicks in the story are fun and fleshed out. They are quirky and enjoyable.

I will most definitely read more by this author.”

Compuchip, Amazon US

“The format of this book worked very, very well and made it a complete joy to read. The plot twists and the explanations from the “evil megalomaniac’s” point of view were extremely well crafted and written.

It is a very fun romp through the Super Spy genre, from the other side of the fence point of view and I will read it again!!!”

Steven Sheeley, Goodreads

“Robert, Lump, and Katie are childhood friends. Robert has a crush on Katie, but is too shy to tell her. Lump is … well, Lump; a tough kid with a simple outlook on life.

When Katie starts dating another boy, Robert is finally driven to the idea that to get her back, he’ll have to take over the world. Now, this would be laughable, except that Robert is quite brilliant, in a bit of a bumbling way. With Lump as his “muscle” and sidekick, they embark on a scheme to achieve the goal of dominating the world. First, they have to get rich, which Robert manages in the world of business. Then they have to acquire co-conspirators and henchmen. And if possible, an island with a suitable volcano (any megalomaniac worth spit has to have a lair inside a volcano) and perhaps some cargo ships and submarines. And something special for Lump.

Along the way, no James Bond cliché is left unspoiled. British humor is a subtle thing, often too subtle for a Yank like me. But this book is loaded with it. The jokes often sneaked up on me and left me laughing until I cried.

And the ending? Most unusual.”

Tank, Amazon US

Witty and intelligent and in my opinion a thoroughly enjoyable read 

This book is very well written. It is amusing, witty and intelligent and in my opinion a thoroughly enjoyable read. This is the second of Will’s books that I have read and although different from my usual reading material, I found them a refreshing read. I will definitely read more of his work.”

Kevin Marsh, Amazon UK

 “I read this because I’d previously read (and thoroughly enjoyed) Love, Death & Tea by the same author. I was therefore pretty confident that I’d enjoy the wit and style of writing, although I was slightly concerned that the central idea – a pastiche of ‘superspy’ thrillers – might take it into territory that had already been covered very effectively by Austin Powers, Dr Evil and friends.

I need not have worried. Looking at the story from the supervillain’s perspective, rather than that of the spy, exposes a rich seam of humour and Will Once exploits it very adeptly. There are knowing nods towards the cliches of ’70s Bond movies as well as more modern films in the ‘Bourne’ mould, but the story also takes the opportunity to pose some interesting questions about the nature of power and the basis for democracy itself. (If we can’t trust the politicians not to be self-serving and if they can’t trust their electorate to make wise, well informed decisions, what hope is there that our political structures will ever work effectively?)

If that makes it sound all a bit clever and worthy, I’m doing it a disservice. It’s really very funny, beautifully written and full of wonderfully silly notions that will stay with you long after the closing of the final page.”

JayG, Amazon UK


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